8 Ways To Love And Nurture Your Body


I used to despise the way I looked. I genuinely despise the way my physique looks.

It didn’t matter how much weight I shed, I never felt satisfied with the results. Every time I overate, I felt terrible and hated my body even more. I couldn’t stand how I looked.

To tell you the truth, my weight has never been an issue for me. My issue was that I couldn’t accept myself in the form that I was already in.

It was a lot simpler for me to dislike my appearance and make an effort to alter it than it was to concentrate on accepting myself and learning to enjoy myself as I am.

Now what? I never imagined I’d get to the point where I’d say this, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m okay with the rolls, cellulite, and love handles that are a part of my body (or even feel comfortable saying, yet believing).

Here are 8 ways I learned you can Love And Nurture Your Body like me.

  1. Think About The Possibility That You Are Not Seeing Yourself Accurately.

Feel confident in your appearance up until the moment you look at a snapshot of yourself? Do you take pride in the way you appear even before you glance in the mirror? Do you have a hard time acknowledging when you’ve been complimented? Do you find yourself obsessing over how you appear all the time?

If you’ve been critical of your physical appearance for a long period of time, it’s likely that you no longer perceive it accurately. Your hatred of your own body has blinded you. When you feel hatred for your body, tell yourself that you have an inaccurate perception of yourself (yet).

Asking the question, “What if I’m not seeing myself clearly right now?” is all that is required. What if I don’t look as good as I believe I do?

  1. Correct The Way You Talk To Yourself.

You won’t trust someone when they tell you that your body is wonderful the way it is no matter how many times they tell you until you believe it yourself. Therefore, you should not speak negatively about your physique to either yourself or anyone else.

Complaining about your body will not help you become healthier, lose weight, become happy, or learn to embrace the body you have. Disparaging your physical appearance actually makes it more difficult to take adequate care of oneself. You should remind yourself of something positive whenever a bad thought enters your thoughts.

At the very least, you should avoid giving the thoughts any strength by verbalizing them. Never, under any circumstances, lend your body to another person.

  1. Begin With An Acceptance Of Your Body.

When you hate your body, it’s a HUGE step to take to start appreciating the one you’re in. Try starting with acceptance of your body if it feels strange to say things like “I love my body.”

It took me a very long time to figure out how to enjoy the way that I looked.

It took me a very long time to figure out how to enjoy the way that I looked.

To begin, consider:

“There is nothing wrong with my body as it is”

“I have other responsibilities that take precedence over ensuring that I appear good from every conceivable perspective.”

“The way my body appears is the aspect of me that is of the least importance.”

“My physical form is deserving of respect.”

“I am not a decorative item”

There is no requirement that you find yourself sexually beautiful or that you adore your body. Being at peace with one’s physical self is an issue that takes precedence over everything else.

I came to the realization that my physical appearance will never be flawless. There will always be someone who considers me to be excessively large, excessively thin, or inappropriate in some other way. On the other hand, I cannot squander my life away in the pursuit of a “ideal” body that does not even exist.


  1. Follow Models That Have A Beautiful Bodies.

It is much simpler to appreciate your body if you constantly surround yourself with reminders to do so.

When I read through my social media and come across someone who is confident in themselves, it serves as a further reminder to me that it is possible for people of different sizes to feel amazing and have confidence in themselves.

  1. Do Not Buy Dresses That Require You To Reach A Certain Weight Before You Can Wear Them.

The following are some things I picked up from the stylist that helped me enjoy the way my physique looked:

If you don’t feel at ease, you won’t have any confidence in yourself.

Never, ever buy clothes that are too tiny for you and would require you to lose weight in order to fit into them.

Do not purchase any items of clothing that require you to wear another top underneath since they are see-through.

Never make a purchase of clothing without first trying it on. When you first come across them, you shouldn’t make a purchase. Always go back

Learn your body type and shop for items that flatter it while yet allowing you to feel confident.

Purchase breathable textiles that will prevent you from sweating.


  1. Stop Wishing For Another Body.

My old repertoire of phrases included things like “Argh, her body is so gorgeous” and “if only I looked like her.”

Now, if a thought like that enters my head, the first thing I do is tell myself (you can see how crucial it is to have these reminders!) that “my body is perfect.”

  1. Compliment Others Around You.

Have you ever noticed that the times when you are most self-conscious about your body are also the times when you are most likely to judge the bodies of other people? I remember when I did it.

Since then, I have made it a point to actively look for qualities in other people that I admire and to complement them on those qualities. There is no requirement that you compliment them on their physical appearance. Quite frequently, all I do is make an effort to flash a friendly smile at random females in public to let them know that “I’m on your side.”

It seems that we are most critical of others when it comes to the aspects of ourselves that we are the most self-conscious about. If you find yourself continuously evaluating the body of another person, you should be aware that there is nothing wrong with the way they look. It’s a sign that you need to examine the way you interact with your body.

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