Best Online Medical Assistant Certification Programs in 2022

online medical assistant certification programs

A medical assistant career is a greater way of improving patients’ quality of life by taking appropriate health measures, and accurate record-keeping to ensure the sustainability of life.

Medical assistants give careful attention to signs and symptoms, communicate with patients and physicians, alongside maintain medical records in the hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

In this article, you will get to learn the best online medical assistant certification programs that will best satisfy your interest as you keep reading.

online medical assistant certification programs

What Is An Online Medical Assistant Certification Program

An online medical assistant certification program prepares future medical aspirants or learners for entry-level healthcare careers.

It will interest you to know that after completing a one-year certification program, you can proceed to apply for a medical assistant certification and start taking up responsibilities at the hospitals, or other healthcare facilities outlets.

During the course of training for this program, students will get to learn and read medical charts, interpret medical terminology, create and maintain a good record keeping of patients.

Furthermore, this training also gets to build clinical skills, teaching students how to use clinical instruments including heart rate and blood pressure monitors.

The training also extends to include learning medical terminology, anatomy, and medical office assisting and its settings.

How Long Will It Take To Get A Medical Assistant Certificate?

Interestingly, the medical assistant certification program basically takes about 1-2 years of intensive training depending on the course of specialization and the student’s enrollment status.

The program usually allows prospective students to complete certain requirements in a flexible scheduling format. This appeals to both professionals and students, thus allowing them to attain a balance between their academic activities and other social responsibilities.

What You Can Do With A Medical Assistant Certificate?

Medical assistant graduates and professionals can venture into specialization in clinical or administrative assistance, performing tasks that revolve around medical terminology, office administration, and anatomy.

However, depending on the area of specialization, some medical assistants can pursue career opportunities, serving either as ophthalmic technicians, medical administrative assistants, or medical coders.

Also, they are not limited to working in the educational sector, emergency services, or other social services.

We have decided to come up with our best 3 ranking list for the best online medical assistant certification programs to enlighten prospective students to choose the one that is the best fit for them.

Therefore, students can feel better using the listing below to find the right program to match their budgets and career needs.

List Of Best Online Medical Assistant Certification Programs

  • 1) Herzing Diploma in Medical Assisting.
  • 2) U.S. Career Institute Online Medical Assistant Program.
  • 3) Penn Foster Medical Assistant Associate Degree.

1) Herzing Diploma in Medical Assisting

We have selected Herzing as the best overall in our listing because it offers its training at three different levels to get you on the career path to becoming a medical assistant. For this program, you can choose to complete a diploma or associate degree, and probably transfer your credits into your bachelor’s degree upon completion.

Bear in mind that the Herzing diploma in medical assisting is a 10-month online medical assistant program that fully prepares learners to write the CCMA exams upon completion.

It is such a perfect option for learners who would like to get started in the medical field with an offer that will grant them opportunities to use credits to further their education in the future.

Notably, Herzing is one of the best online medical assistant certification programs accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a well-known certifying body. Students can enroll in either full-time or part-time as they may wish. Most students enrolling in this program receive their diplomas in around 10 months.

The cost for enrollment into the program is approximately $12,600.

The benefits of enrollment with Herzing is that it offers financial aid options such as loans, scholarships, and military discounts to students.

2) U.S. Career Institute Online Medical Assistant Program

The U.S. Career Institute has over 40 years of experience in online medical assistant programs. It offers 100% online accelerated training you can get completed in as little as four months.

Luckily, this program is cost-affordable compared to others. This is consequent to fact that students can decide to pay at once without having to make payments in installments as students can enroll in this program at the cost of $1,200.

There’s no tuition assistance, however, but you may be eligible for student grants and loans, alongside other privileges through their home state.

The curriculum for this program covers specialties including medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, walking with patients, front desk skills, first aid procedures, etc.

Besides, the means of getting lectures is through watching video tutorials online, and textbook readings, alongside virtual lab sessions.

Unlike other programs, there is no in-person training attributed to this one. However, this may be an issue if this is the requirement in your home state.

Note, it is important to check with your home state to ensure this program attain all requirements to begin your career.

3) Penn Foster Medical Assistant Associate Degree

This online self-paced program will earn you an associate degree, and eligibility to write the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exams upon completion.

Penn Foster’s medical assistant associate degree program is one of the best online medical assistant certification programs that is accredited through the DEAC.

The program is designed to offer learners three different programs to help them get their certification as registered medical assistants (RMA).

Having that in mind, you can decide your course of study by choosing either the diploma program, associate’s degree, or probably decide to get a bachelor’s degree in healthcare.

It is noteworthy that the cost of studying in this program is roughly $3,600.

Keep in mind that Penn Foster offers three different tuition payment plans to prospective students.

Also, tuition includes a voucher for the CCMA exam, and all learning materials, alongside other necessary support materials, are available every 24 hours. With this support, you will be motivated to study harder.

As there’s no set class schedule, you can communicate with class instructors and other students via phone calls, text messages, email, or chats.

The program also offers live webinars, and virtual simulations, including other online learning tools to help you understand the materials fully and as well as getting prepared to start your career as a medical assistant.

There are no prerequisites to applying for  Penn Foster Medical Assistant Associate Degree program. You can feel better to apply online at any time.

Also, another benefit of enrolling with the Penn Foster medical assistant program is that you can secure your enrollment for as little as $1, owing to the reason that they often run sales throughout the year.

Its website had never stated how long it usually takes for students to complete their program. Instead, students are required to complete 60 units spread over four semesters.

At the end of the program, students will be excited to practice their career as a medical assistants upon completion of their internship where they gain a real-world experience for certification.

For the best online medical assistant certification programs above, you will be proud to see yourself on a career path as a medical assistant having enrolled in anyone you indicate interest in.

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