Tips for Working Out in the Heat

Summertime is here and that means you will be spending a lot of time outdoors. Whether it is going to the beach, the park, or spending the day at work or school, it is important to be aware of the things that can help you to stay healthy and hydrated during the heat.

There are some simple things that can help you to stay safe and healthy during the summer while working out.

8 Tips for Working Out in the Heat

Tips for Working Out in the Heat

Dress comfortably.

Bright colors are preferable since they reflect sunlight and serve to increase your visibility of incoming traffic. Cotton is an inexpensive, lightweight textile that may keep you dry.

To prevent sweating, choose sweat-wicking shirts and shorts if you’re ready to spend a little more money.

Take a refreshing shower.

Take a cold shower before starting your workout, if possible. After taking a shower, use a damp head instead of a blow dryer to keep cool during your workout.

Drink the RIGHT fluids to stay hydrated.

When it’s hot outside, water is your greatest buddy for staying hydrated. If you’re going to be exercising for longer than 60 minutes, though, you might want to think about drinking a sports drink.

When exercising for an extended period of time, especially in the heat, sports drinks are crucial because they include potassium and electrolytes that may refresh and rejuvenate your body. Since sodium is a crucial component of a hot day, high levels of sodium may actually be beneficial for your body.

Remember to use sunscreen.

Nothing is worse than attempting a summer workout while suffering from a terrible sunburn that makes it difficult to move. Apply sunscreen liberally to prevent getting burned. Choose a sunscreen that is waterproof and has an SPF of at least 50 to ensure that it won’t wash off once you start to perspire.

Timing is crucial.

The warmest part of the day during the summer is often between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Try exercising outside before or after this period if you’re planning to do so.

Many athletes find that doing out in the morning helps them sleep better at night and maintain their energy levels throughout the day.

Bring it indoors.

There is nothing wrong with working out indoors at your neighborhood gym or, if you have the necessary equipment, even at home. This may be your greatest option to stay cool and prevent a heat-related injury while still getting in your workout on days when there is an intense heat caution.

Don’t be afraid of the water.

The summer is the ideal season to become friends with water. Try incorporating a water sport, such as swimming, surfing, or stand-up paddle boarding, into your workout on very hot days. These summertime workouts will keep you in shape and keep you cool while doing something fun and fresh. Who knows, you might discover a new favorite workout.

Would you rather run instead? You can still participate in the water action, so don’t worry. Choose to run with the rain rather than against it the next time you encounter what appears to be a “rainy day.” You can stay cool by running outside on a wet day, and many athletes find these exercises to be energizing and rejuvenating.

Being organized is essential for running in the rain. Wear bright colors and make sure whatever you’re wearing is water-resistant. Do not sprint in front of vehicles that might have problems seeing you.

Running in mild rain won’t hurt you, but if you see lightning or hear thunder, you should head back inside as soon as you can to stay safe.

Know your limitations.

Pay attention to your body, and if you start to feel weary, dizzy, or lightheaded, take a rest. It’s better to take a little break for relaxation than to push yourself too hard, risk becoming sick or hurt, and then have to stop exercising entirely.

If your typical high-intensity workout is too difficult in the summer heat, split it up into several smaller workouts throughout the day. This will provide your body the chance to recharge without compromising your fitness and workout objectives.

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